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The surviving Jane Austen manuscripts have been digitalized and are now online! Live! For you and me! Dig in to this project by Oxford University and King’s College London. There’s nothing quite as intriguing as the hand-printed word (and since her sister took it upon herself to destroy hundreds and hundreds of her letters, we […]



Last Tuesday, I arrived at the startling conclusion that I’ve never given Anne Brontë much of a chance.  Two days and 400ish pages later, I came to the conclusion that I’d given her too much of one. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, by all basic descriptions, is exactly my sort of book–a touch of Gothic […]

I spend way too much time with either my face in an 18th-century novel or scanning Amazon for what I’m going to read next. And I’m a sucker for pretty things and immaculate detail work. One of the consequences of this is my latest obsession with the Oxford World’s Classics paperbacks. They’ve eliminated a lot […]