It’s Summer. Drop Everything.


Start with waistlines.  Drop-waist dresses are my new favorite thing.  It’s like spending summer in West Egg.  And what can I say–I am a supporter of the romper, and romping writ larger, but I’m a dress-for-every-season sort of girl. I like dresses.  Indulge me, indulge with me.  A few of my favorites…

The Breakers Dress from Modcloth, $58

Tiny stripes, the nautical variety.

Denin Drop-Waist Dress by Anna Molinari, $235

Light-weight denim.  Summer.  Light-weight denim.  Summer.  Yes.

Dreaming of Dahlias Dress on ModCloth, $85

Big flowers, little waist, big happy fun.

Nautical Jersey Dress by Annie Greenabelle on Topshop, $58

Big stripes, also of the nautical variety.

Rain Date Dress by ModCloth, $40

It’s like a f#&%ing t-shirt, but with ruffles! This wins summer 2010 and if you don’t think so, you hate summer and fun and America.

Frill Sleeve Dress by Annie Greenabelle at Top Shop, $106

See what happens when you take a good, simple idea (i.e., a shirt) and add ruffles and a waist dropped (as though hot)?  It’s so good.

Gramercy Park Dress from ModCloth, $50

It’s like wearing a doily, but in a good way.


2 Responses to “It’s Summer. Drop Everything.”

  1. 1 klooky

    i’ve recently procured two new rompers, both of which are the highest quality of awesome. their shortcomings are of course the lack of a dropped waist. that said, i am still fairly confident with the help of my romper friends, i can make summer happen.

  2. I would as soon wear something with a seam around my ass as I would a padded dog-trainer suit, but that peach and white stripe has great fabric and a gorgeous neckline. Wish they had it as a plain shift.

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