Unstartling Confessions


Fact:  I sometimes do late-night Pic Click searches semi-relevant to whatever I happen to be obsessing over.  Lately, as you might imagine, I’m the only person (probably) on the internet going visual searches for handmade and vintage items tagged Brontë, Gaskell, etc.  300 years ago, I’m a perfect example of why women should read novels; in this day and age, good things come to those who pander to more-or-less healthy addictions to fiction.  At least that’s how I came across Frantic Meercat, my new favorite internet place for old-fashion epistolary wit and whimsy.

Frantic Meercat Card, $3.50

Inside reads:  “Or, how Colin Firth ruined our ability to have a normal relationship.”  That’s right: costume drama humor.  If you think for a second that I didn’t already send this to Emily, you’d better think again.

Graduation Card, $3.50

I’m so into these cards with the vintage book look.  Inside reads:  The Learning Never Stops. Good Luck, Graduate!

Skipping Freaks Magnet, $2.75

You know who you are.

Get Drunk and Eat Waffles Magnet, $4

It’s all right here, right on this magnet.

Pi is Infinitely Tasty Postcard, $1

Dessert Science.

Baby Card, $3.50

I hope never to have occasion for this, but nonetheless.

Are you Drunk? Art Print, $10

Anthropomorphism:  not just for menus anymore.


One Response to “Unstartling Confessions”

  1. 1 klooky

    every time i get leftover fried chicken from the refrigerator, i take a moment to think of you.

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