Lady Delacour’s Boudoir


I felt compelled last week to revisit Maria Edgeworth’s Belinda and this novel only gets better in rereading.  Somehow, miraculously, Belinda was more rational and impervious, Clarence Hervey more coxcombical and quixotic, Lord Delacour more of a drunken buffoon, and Lady Delacour more doped out of her god damned mind than I remembered.  Over the course of the 500ish pages, plot twists are revealed in some absurd epiphanic moments for all of the characters, but throughout, Lady Delacour’s boudoir remains a source of scandal, mystery, and fascination.  And naturally, I got caught up in the idea of the space, and thus put together a few items that are boudoir appropriate.

Items for the vanity are not necessarily vain items…

Vanity Hand Mirror, Atty’s Vintage on Etsy, $24

Pair of Vintage Boudoir Lamps, Vintage Guinea on Etsy, $20

Gold-Toned Keepsake Box, Ione’s Attic on Etsy, $13

Vanity Mirror Tray, by Look Back Vintage on Etsy, $14


French Vanity from Online Chic on Etsy, $195

Corset Wall Decor, The Girl in Yellow on Etsy, $18

Vintage Silver Mirror, from Hello Victory on Etsy, $15

The Physical Life of Woman: Advice to Maiden, Wife, and Mother, 1884, Call Me Jasper on Etsy, $54

Vintage Compact and Cigarette Holder, by Vintage Reinvented on Etsy, $22

Do you need a settee?  Do I need a settee?

Louisa Settee from Anthropologie, $2,500

Fainting sofa:  come and live at my house with meeeeeeeeee…

Edie Sofa from Urban Outfitters, $580

Gorgeous, but let’s be reasonable(r)…

Button Tufted Chaise Settee in Peacock, at, $500

And about a half dozen of these:

Antique Keys Cushion Cover, by Orchid Lane on Etsy, $33

Trellis Designer Throw Pillow Cover, by Mod Diva on Etsy, $19

Colt Revolver Throw Pillow, by Utilitarian Franchise on Etsy, $35

Waverly Ballad Throw Pillow, by Blue Warehouse 75 on Etsy, $13

Chandelier Throw Pillow, by Branch Handmade on Etsy, $19

Seating, various.

Vintage Boudoir Chair, by Two Girls’ Shop on Etsy, $295

Ruffle Chair in Palm from Urban Outfitters, $388

Tropical Flock Chair from Anthropologie, $500

Grand, tiny things

Key Necklace, by Birdcage Bohemia on Etsy, $20

Perfume Bottle Brass Necklace, by The Other Magdalene on Etsy, $32.56

Vintage Pill Holder with Victorian Couple in Ceramic, Boudoir Barbie on Etsy, $12

Ibuprofen, opium, whatever.* (*This blog does not promote the use of opium outside of 18th-century fiction.)

Laudanum Label Necklace, Alternate History on Etsy, $23


9 Responses to “Lady Delacour’s Boudoir”

  1. love the article…thank you for the feature. What were the selling points in your move to WordPress?

    • I made the move from Blogspot to WordPress initially because I was irritated with the editing features on the former (photo-moving and posting links were always pains in the neck), but I think the decision to stick with WordPress was fundamentally aesthetic (as with most of my decisions… but honestly, that orange header? the squirrelly font? No thank you, Blogspot).

  2. 3 Serene

    I love this blog, thanks so much for the feature!

  3. What a delightful blog! A pleasure to read… and read!
    Thanks for the feature!

  4. Wonderful, rococo theme. Thanks for including my odd old book. And as for that Colt 45 pillow? Must have been inspired by the phrase “putting a gun to my head.”

    • Haha, or maybe putting my head to a gun… But one of Lady Delacour’s greatest scandals was as a female dueler. Big no-no, and it didn’t pay off in the revenge she had planned, but that throw was a little boudoir homage to her gun-slinging reputation.

  5. 7 beth

    I see we share the same romantic period , thank you for including my compacts .

  6. 8 Janet Hardy

    “Coxcombical.” Superb!

  7. What a wonderful blog. I love how you bring literary gems to life in pictures and items! Thank you for the honor of including my Key to your Locked Heart Necklace. Keep up with the beautiful work!

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