The Bees Knees


Letterpress Notecard Set, $15 at Lucky Bee Press

A couple of months ago, on a severely rainy San Francisco day, I needed thank-you notes in a hurry and, being too lazy to walk more than two blocks in the torrent, I remembered the little rack of postcards and the like at Jeremy’s just down the street.  Laziness pays.  Alongside the standard black-and-white classic fashion photography postcards, I found these darling red bird blank cards with robin’s egg blue envelopes.  I liked that they’re flat notes, no fold, and that they looked great with red sealing wax, so a stocked up on Lucky Bee Press’s Etsy shop when I got home.  This girl will never again be caught in the rain on a mission for quaint epistolary courtesy.  I’m particularly fond of the mix-and-match card packs–cards for all occasions on hand all the time.  That’s the definition of feminine maturity and sophistication.  Hopefully.

Below are some of my favorite cards and other paper goodness from Lucky Bee Press.  Check out both their West Coast and Midwest shops.

Letterpress Notecard Set--Smoking Man, $15

Letterpress Notecard Set--Scooter, $15

Letterpress Thank-you Notes Set--Hedgehogs, $15

Letterpress Coaster Set--Black Floral Dot, $12

Letterpress Hangtags, Any four sets of three, $12

Letterpress Folding Card Set--Koi Fish and Bubbles, $7.50

Letterpress Card--Wee Bear, $4

Letterpress Mini Notepad--Cyan Pencil, $4.75

Letterpress Flat Card and Envelope--Squiggle Bird, $4


3 Responses to “The Bees Knees”

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    after using my hankie, it’s the least one might expect.
    am I alone here? It’s a fabulous, well written blog?
    Muist be new.
    all hope.

  2. 2 klooky

    my internet kingdom for wee bear. i’ve got a feeling you’re gonna run me through the darling machine til i’m broke, every which way.

  3. Thanks for the lovely write up!

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